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FunderMax Facades - Original & unique

Original projects invite reflection - they are designed to make people think. This fabulous hotel in Argentina does exactly this.

Set in the most picturesque of environments, surrounded by vineyards and untouched terrain, one of the key challenges for the architects of Hotel de Uco was to source facade materials which would work in harmony with this magnificent landscape and take advantage of the rugged beauty it has to offer.


Clever use of light, up lights and low lights against the facade, uphold the raw appeal of this stunning hotel. Each facade is clearly distinguishable. Glazed windows look out onto the Valle de Uco and maximise the southern orientation, while the facades towards the mountains are protected by automatic parasols. On the north side, exposed to harsh sunlight, the facade is predominantly closed with just essential openings. Since it is situated in an earthquake zone, the whole building has been designed in a compartmentalised style.  

Full of style & character 

This favourable review from the Telegraph, further reinforces the unique appeal of this original building: 

‘This is a brazenly state of the art, eco-friendly modern hotel; a purpose-built Andes-ogling  eden designed to be noticed that pops out of its vineyard setting in full glass and steel glory. Spaces are light and bright with floor-to-ceiling windows scaling one side of the hotel and Jack and the Beanstalk-esque plants towering up from the restaurant floor. From the inside, views of vineyards and mountains haze into the reflection of the surrounding lagoon: design lets the outside in, yet charming sun-soaked interiors make it hard to head out. Sunshine abounds and rooms channel a slightly industrial vibe with polished concrete floors that perfectly showcase that Andean backdrop.’ 

Original by day. Original by night. It’s all about perspectives. At FunderMax we see ourselves as the conduit to originality, creating products for original creators.

The Max Compact Exterior panel. The Original.

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Project Details
Product: Max Compact Exterior
Decors: 0160 Dark Afro 
Architect: Alberto Tonconogy
Installer:  Cento Generador de Soluciones Arquitectónicas