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Customised design

For years, the customisation of products has been a major trend. Whether vehicles, sports equipment, clothing or furniture - "User Generated Design" or "User Customised Content" is omnipresent. The customer becomes the designer: s/he receives their product in their desired colours, shapes, patterns and motifs.

The personal touch and personality expresses one's individuality and creativity. Thus the object is transformed from a mass commodity into something truly unique. Technological advances in the production process and the rapid development of intuitive software tools meet this development and create products with a personal, unmistakable touch. 

Individuality in architecture and the furniture industry

In architecture and the furniture industry, ‘individualised design’ plays a very important role too. Architects create impressive buildings with thematically designed and functional facades. Creative wall coverings serve as advertising space; delivering messages and entertaining passersby. Within interior spaces, individual residential landscapes are created whose color and form are determined by the customer.

Within interior spaces, individual landscapes/scenes are created whose colour and form are determined by the customer. Bespoke, self-created pieces of furniture that fit perfectly to the needs of the customer (shelves are a prime example of this). This means that whole systems can be designed individually in different colours, lengths and shapes. Sloping corners, very small or angular rooms are no longer an obstacle, but can instead be used to their full potential.

There are no visual limits here – individual motifs from photos or drawings; everything can be applied easily onto to high-quality materials, to design impressive, unique creations.

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