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Charred is the new black: Interior trend Burned Wood

Architects and furniture makers are turning to the trend for Burned Wood in increasing numbers – and no wonder, with strong structures exuding antiquity and modernity simultaneously as the furrowed surface of wood gleams in black and silver.

The Burned Wood effect is achieved with an old Japanese tradition known as shou sugi ban (literally translated as 'burnt cedar board'), whereby wood is scorched with fire and cooled with cold water to make it more durable and resistant to pests. The Japanese technique is often used for facades, but its attractive structure and colours are drawing it into interiors too. Having discovered the coal-black aesthetic, designers are applying it to interior panelling, furniture frontages and table tops in particular.

Used in interiors, the finish has a special resonance. The burning process lends wood grain every nuance of black from matt to gloss, inspiring many for whom wood otherwise holds little appeal. Offering a superb contrast to black and other plain dark tones, the Burned Wood look is ideal for rooms with both rustic and modern furnishings. The strong structure of the wood brings rooms vividly to life. The charred material also combines extremely well with powerful colours and decors, lending a unique feel to any project.

To place your faith in the charred wood look is to be rewarded with durable designs and a long-lasting sense of well-being: after all, Burned Wood brings out the natural beauty of wood as a material more effectively than any other stylistic device.

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