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Authentica Natura - in harmony with nature

Happiness and good health go hand in hand, and one of the factors that determines our state of mind is the quality of our surroundings. When we are ill, upset or stressed, our heightened sense of vulnerability leaves us craving a comfortable, familiar and safe environment.

In recent years extensive research has been conducted into the correlation between 'good architecture' and 'well-being'. One such piece by 'Architonic' examines some of the ways in which 'intelligent architecture and design can help to ensure a positive prognosis for the future of healthcare.'

The beautiful setting of MUK alone provides an idyllic backdrop for recuperation, yet when combined with an aesthetically impressive design and an evocative 'breathing' facade, the overall effect is truly stunning. The prime need of the client was a building which would combine both a private dwelling and a therapy practice. This sleek solution offers independent working and living in one 'harmonious' integrative building. The ventilated facade was covered in Max Exterior Authentic Natura, chosen for its unique and natural finish which brings eye catching appeal to this striking building. Solar controlled glass panelling allows the light to flood in and adds to the soothing and enlightening atmosphere of MUK.

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Specifics of the project:

Architects: DI Andreas Hörl / Arch. DI Robert Reichkendler | Mahore Architects

Installers: Manfred Hirschbichler Zimmerei und Treppenbau GesmbH

Product: Max Exterior | F-Quality | Surface NT 

Décor: AUTN Authentic Natura