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Alto del Carmen – A building in perfect harmony with the landscape

Alto del Carmen is an area in Chile situated in the Valley of Huasco in the Andes mountain range. The climate is mainly semi-arid and it hardly ever rains. In this picturesque landscape, surrounded by the brown of the mountains and the green of the valley, you can find the Town Hall of Alto del Carmen, a project designed by Espiral and Iglesis-Prat Arquitectos.

The panels that were used for this project are in total harmony with the surrounding, thanks to their colors and their textures. From the windows inside of the building, it is possible to have spectacular views of the mountains and the valley, while from the exterior, standing in front of the building, the Town Hall can be seen as one piece more of the landscape.

CG Chile, our representative in Chile, introduced FunderMax’s panels to this project. To match the surrounding environment, the architects chose grey and brown color shades with different textures. The work, made with Max Compact Exterior panels, includes part of the façade, as well as some decorative strips that define the vertical lines that separate the columns of windows in the building’s courtyard.

Architect: Espiral & Iglesias Prat Arquitectos
Fotocredit: Daniel Montenegro | CG Chile

Product: Max Compact Exterior
Decors: Tambora (0798), Patina Bronze (0794)

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