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A simple ‘Salt Store’ gets the FunderMax treatment

It’s perhaps always been noted that the French like to do things with a little ‘ je ne sais quoi’ which charms everyone. Call it flamboyance, call it style. We call it the beauty of seeing good, solid design when you see it.

It’s for this reason that the local council of Côte d’Or chose to use Max Exterior for the creation of a simple Salt Store. We say simple, yet there’s nothing ordinary about this Grenier.

Catching the light perfectly here, this recent project highlights the versatility of Max Exterior. Chosen not solely for its enhanced weather protection and durable characteristics - crucial for an industrial application such as this - yet also for its aesthetic, raw beauty. 

Project details

Grenier à sel de Baigneux les Juifs

Architect: Godart & Roussel 

MO: Conseil départemental de la Côte d’Or

MOE: Cabinet Godart-Roussel de Dijon

Decor: 768 Sparrow

Surface: NG Glanz