show:room Highlight

A first for France

Contemporary Japanese architecture has been brought to life in France for the first time for developer Toyoko Inn (courtesy of French architects Tangram).

Beautifully conceived, this gleaming monolithic radiates elegance, with a glossy facade which provides an ever changing visual feast for the eyes. Sleek and glistening in the springtime sunshine, this modern building cuts an elegant form; conveying just the right image for this contemporary hotel chain.

Situated at the door of Aix, Toyoko Inn couldn't present more of an open armed welcome if it tried. Designed in elegant form featuring oversized panels punctuated by variable sized windows, this commercial building showcases a variable rhythm where everything appears to be in juxtaposition, evoking calligraphic imagery; so prevalent in Japan. This arrangement creates a distinctive finish which cleverly conceals the number of floors and rooms behind this fabulous facade. East Side, the building detaches in contemporary fashion from the ground.

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Product: Max Compact Exterior
Decor: 0091 Starlight
Surface: NG
System: ME01 invisible

Architects: Tangram
Photocredit: Sarah Duffy