Customised design

For years, the customisation of products has been a major trend. Whether vehicles, sports equipment, clothing or furniture - "User Generated Design" or "User Customised Content" is omnipresent. The customer becomes the designer: s/he receives their product in...

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Jugendnotschlafstelle JUNO Klagenfurt_©Edgar Sorgo

JUNO - A new refuge that captivates with exceptional architecture

Students of architecture and social sciences at the University of Applied Sciences of Carinthia worked together on a special project with JUST to create a new facility for JUNO Klagenfurt.

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A simple ‘Salt Store’ gets the FunderMax treatment

It’s perhaps always been noted that the French like to do things with a little ‘ je ne sais quoi’ which charms everyone. Call it flamboyance, call it style. We call it the beauty of seeing good, solid design when you see it.

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Dean Trust Academy

FunderMax more than makes the grade for Yorkshire schools.

Re-energised and re-focused... This term, it isn’t just Yorkshire’s pupils who’ve returned refreshed, but the schools themselves. Working in collaboration with distribution partner Vivalda Hull, FunderMax is proud to have played a vital role in revitalising...

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Barcelona's subways showcase FunderMax

Due to its excellent material properties, FunderMax's 'Max Compact Interior' is often used in high traffic and transport infrastructure applications; Vienna airport for instance, and more recently in the metro stations of Barcelona.

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Classic white metro tiles for kitchens & bathrooms

Classic white tiles can be found in some of the world's most stylish kitchens and bathrooms... actually made their first appearance in Parisian subways in the early 1900’s. Hence the name ‘metro tiles.’

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Inspired by your imagination

Unleash the power of your imagination...

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Into the blue - Inspired by captivating seas

Evocative and alluring, there’s something deeply appealing about this season’s interior design colour trends. Moody blues and enigmatic green hues continue to dominate, bringing a sense of decadence and stature - enabling you to create the most sensory-rich...

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Inspired by STRUCTURE

...STRUCTURE Get inspiration by exploring the visual experience of textured objects.

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