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The distinctive. The unique. The "one-off"...

In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the demand for individual expression and ‘one-off’ pieces, from personalised haute couture clothing from marks and customised sports cars, to personalised jewellery and mementos. The desire for distinction has never been higher, as consumers and businesses look to ways to stand out.

Customers are demanding more expression. More connection. More feeling. And not just on the high street, it’s hitting the facade and furniture industries too. As both corporate and private clients search for bespoke facade solutions, the industry as a whole has taken up the baton, developing cutting edge solutions which deliver on their ‘on-trend’ promise.

Over the past few years companies have seemed to move away from colour blocking and safe grey and beige palettes, to more emotive, photographic effects and inspirational facades. There is a real growth in creative architectural design, with imaginative use of large format panel cladding.

The importance of ‘creative’ and ‘sustainable’ design has been up for debate in recent years with RIBA President Angela Brady leading on the subject. One of the key things that came out of these discussions was that there’s a clear need for creators to not just develop sustainable solutions, but ones which are irresistible too.

As the demand for ‘the unique’ continues to mount, at FunderMax, we’re doing our best to meet the challenge with an ever expanding range of creative and individual solutions. From bold geometric designs to emotive photography and intricate motifs to slogans writ large, anything is possible with FunderMax Individual Decor. 

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