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Feel GRAFICA - Creative Design

Architectural design is always a departure towards new frontiers. Good design doesn’t simply fulfil its intended purpose, but devotes itself to something new. Every good design has to have something unique, something which can be seen and felt. Time and time again, new technologies and materials enable novel approaches to creative design. GRAFICA allows this opportunity, because GRAFICA enriches designs through a very special mix of materials.

The Process of Maturity

Just like a good wine, ideas also need time to mature. It takes two to three years for an idea to turn into a marketable product for everyday use.

The Abilities of the Teams

Ideas are born in the moment, products are developed as part of a process. This process requires great attention to detail and targeted cooperation. Not just within a core team, and the wider organisation, but with customers and suppliers too. Only in this way can an idea be brought to market successfully. GRAFICA is a great example of successful teamwork.

"We really took the time to understand the needs of one customer in particular. Usually, to evaluate the success of a product takes between 2 and 3 years. Here, we’re just in the first year of our new collection launch, but we can already say that it is, and will continue to be a success.
So all of this gives us a confident feeling, that we’re going in just the right direction, producing something that isn’t simply Austrian or European but something that belongs to the design trend of the Moment."

Alessandro Zanotto, Director Furniture Industries, FunderMax GmbH

Truly tactile, Grafica boasts an almost porous finish. Reflecting light beautifully, this stunning surface works in perfect harmony with both natural and pastel shades.

Discover our FunderMax GRAFICA Collection.